Good afternoon, we are expecting around 10cm of snow to come tonight and into tomorrow. Forecasts are predicting there will only be 2 – 3 cm of snow down by 7:00 am with the bulk of the storm falling between 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. We will start our runs at 12:00 pm tomorrow and make a pass on all laneways. Once we are done, we will head in for a quick rest and be back on the road between 4:00 am – 5:00 am to clear all plow piles made by the city overnight.

Good morning, There is a large storm coming to the area today that will last until tomorrow. The snow will start this afternoon at 3:00 pm and will last until 4:00 pm Friday afternoon. We are expecting to receive approximately 25 cm of snow. Our operators will start at midnight tonight so we can get a pass in by morning. The homes we visit first will likely have 6 cm of snow before we get to you for a second pass. Luckily that amount of snow should not hinder you from leaving your laneway, however, the roads may still be very treacherous until the city clears them. Once the city graders start around 9:00 am – 10:00 am we will follow closely behind them to clear all plow piles and provide another full clearing.

Good evening, we are expecting 10 cm of snow to come this evening and into the day Friday. We will begin clearing snow starting at 5:00 am tomorrow morning and work through the day. We expect the city plows to be out at around 10:00 am and we will be following behind them once they are out. Thank you and have a great rest of your evening.

Good morning, our operators finished their day last night after a good 20-hour shift in the tractor. We will be back out today as of 6:00 am. We will be making a final pass on all laneways to take care of any additional snow that fell after our last visit. Additionally, we will be looking for moved cars so we can clear your full laneway.

Weather Forecast
Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Ontario Canada
January 31, 2023, 12:43 pm

Mostly sunny
real feel: -10°C
current pressure: 1030 mb
humidity: 52%
wind speed: 7 km/h SSW
wind gusts: 7 km/h
Forecast January 31, 2023

Partly sunny
wind gusts: 22 km/h

wind gusts: 18 km/h
Forecast February 1, 2023

Mostly sunny
wind gusts: 25 km/h

wind gusts: 25 km/h
Forecast February 2, 2023

wind gusts: 47 km/h

wind gusts: 47 km/h

I am happy to say that Odie's is by far the best snow removal company that we have ever had. You arrive promptly, do a great job and it is just magic how you re-appear to tidy up after the city plows have been by.


Helen McNair

August 25, 2014

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