Our operators have headed back to the shop for some rest. After 16 hours in the tractor it is much needed. We will be back out on the road tomorrow beginning at 6:00 am.

We are going to start by searching through the area to take care of any plow piles that the city may make over night. If you see we only cleared the end of your laneway, that is because we will be back to tidy up once all plow piles are dealt with.

If you are still experiencing a packed base of snow on your laneway adding salt will help us scrape the snow down as much as possible.

Weather Forecast
Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Ontario Canada
January 31, 2023, 11:11 am

Mostly sunny
real feel: -9°C
current pressure: 1030 mb
humidity: 78%
wind speed: 0 km/h WNW
wind gusts: 4 km/h
Forecast January 31, 2023

Partly sunny
wind gusts: 22 km/h

wind gusts: 18 km/h
Forecast February 1, 2023

Mostly sunny
wind gusts: 22 km/h

wind gusts: 25 km/h
Forecast February 2, 2023

wind gusts: 47 km/h

wind gusts: 43 km/h

I am happy to say that Odie's is by far the best snow removal company that we have ever had. You arrive promptly, do a great job and it is just magic how you re-appear to tidy up after the city plows have been by.


Helen McNair

August 25, 2014

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